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Emma Vauxdevil

     Hello ^_^ If you havent gotten the jist, Im Emma and I'm a performer from Houston. My life is completely based around performing. It is my art form. I love everything about it. I started training circus skills when around the time my life was pretty meaningless. I was failing school, not being healthy, and being an overall grump. It gave me hope that I could have a sucessful future. I started off being just a gogo/hooper. After a while, I saw that I really loved to be on stage and decided to take my skills to the next level. I started playing with fire then eventually aerial, to burlesque.

     I've always loved big productions and fabulous women. I never thought I would persue trying to be involved in it however. Im normally a very shy person, but on stage or working I show a completely different personality. My shy characteristic has definitlely toned down since performing. Its helped me blossom into what I believe I was destined to be all along. However, I refuse to ever stop evolving and growing. Stay spongey my friends. 

     I hope one day to be able to go to exclusive events, travel the world, and just expierience life. Life is too short and too beautiful to let anything get in your way of being amazing.

     Anyways to sum it all up, Im a fire dancer, aerialist, dancer, burlesque performer, all bundled up in a 6 foot tall body. Im a goof, but this is what Im so serious for, I dedicate my every day life to. I could not be happier.

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